LoL Map App Reviews

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Cool concept

Neat feature to draw up plays and whatever when playing with a team. Just needs to get updated with the current champs. With the money. Only $1 folks


So I just paid one dollar for an lol app And u are asking me to pay one more for CHAMPION POOL. freaking kidding me.

Great app!!!!!

It is an awesome app for strategical planning and examples for new players. While it could use a boost in terms of graphics, features, and interface control, it is overall a great idea for an app.

Ok, but outdated

The app is a very cool idea and it's great for high elo and division players and ranked teams looking to rise in the ranks, but the one factor that kills the app's potential is that it hasn't been updated since season 2. It's extremely disappointing, and the absence of things like the Wight camp, trinkets, and all champions past season 2 really kills the potential of the app.

Cool app just wish it worked

I tried opening the app but it started then quit itself out and u tried opening it for half an hour and I deleted it and redownloaded it twice


The season 4 new maps are awesome! It works as described.

Good Idea, poor execution.

I looked at this app with excitement at the possibilities and was quite daunted when I was faced with how poorly made this was. Now with updates this app could be FANTASTIC but for now it is mediocre. PROS: Hardly, the Crystal Scar and Twisted Treeline Maps are up to date. CONS: unfortunately the Summoners Rift map ramps are not up to date, the only feature you get from buying pro is more champs (big whoop) there are no color codings or key maps to add for the drawing feature, the toggles for deleting and drawing are not smart and can cause frustration at times seems to be a problem in the programming or just troubleshooting, you can't resize icons, digging through the champion list pool of 110+ is a Herculean task by twos and there's no comparability with other phones with the same app. This is like I said a great idea but I hope whoever made this fixes these issues and then ill be sure to change my mind and actually promote this but as for now these are problems that simply make it not worthwhile and not worth even the 99 cents and your time. I'm giving this honestly an extra star for the benefit of the doubt that they'll fix this because its utterly featureless and you'd be better off just thinking about it in your head.

This is good

Make it so you can see the range of wards, that would be awesome.

It's cool, but...

It's pretty cool and it does what it says, but I can only choose 5 different champs to place on the maps... So if you are planning strategic moves and stuff for your team of Amumu, Graves, Lux, Sona, and Wukong get this app...

Great Application

1st!!! Great application for supporting my video game addiction. P.S. I'm not Korean.

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